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Get involved

Since X3DOM is an open-source project, we rely on the idea of a community-driven development. For this, we have several options to get involved and get support.

Mailing List

Questions and technical issues can be posted to the following mailing lists.

Issue Tracker

X3DOM is currenty hosted on GitHub. If you discover that something is not working as expected, please check if there are any open issues. If not, feel free to open a new issue and describe your problem as detailed as possible - ideally along with a minimalistic example.


Since 2009, X3DOM is being developed by a group of people working at the Fraunhofer IGD, as well as by a large open source community. The system is, and always will be, open source with an MIT/GPL dual licence, and is currently hosted at GitHub:

HTML5 Integration Model

You can always post and discuss generic ideas on the X3D-public list.
And if you really would like to evolve the idea, let's get serious: Become a member of the W3C and/or Web3D-Consortium and work with us in the X3D/HTML5 working group.


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