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World of Warcraft Models to X3DOM

WARNING: World of Warcraft Models are Blizzard property. Do not even think of putting them on your/any webpage!

The WOWModelViewer project is an open source application to create machinima with characters and models form the World of Warcraft MMORPG. One of its features is the ability to export models into various formats, two of them being X3D and X3DOM. The X3DOM option directly outputs an XHTML file with the appropriate header code. In its current released version 7.0.1 r462, only static models can be exported, but an option to export animations as well is already available in the code.

To export a model you'll need a full World of Warcraft installation (for instance a 10 day trial version) and the WOWModelViewer. Open the application, select a model on the right hand side and click on File->Export model->X3D in XHTML.

Exporting X3DOM from the WOWModelViewer

The exported files can be viewed in a x3dom capable browser.

Some video results:,