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Selecting Library Versions and Components

In the X3DOM Getting Started Guide, there is a small overview of all available X3DOM library versions, including full package, additional components, and debug version.

Below, you can also find a list of the most important files for all X3DOM releases.


Latest Stable Release

URL: x3dom.js / x3dom-full.js / x3dom.css / x3dom.swf

(directory listing)


Current Dev Release

This is a development release (snapshot) and not guaranteed to work in a stable manner all the time – for example it might break backwards compatibility. However, if you are relying on some fresh features, which are not available in the latest release, this version might be best for your purposes.
If you expect a tested version (esp. for a certain browser version), please use the latest stable release. Best practice here is to always download a version that works for you, instead of hot-linking it.

URL: x3dom.js / x3dom-full.js / x3dom.css / x3dom.swf
(directory listing)


Current Stable Release

Version: 1.6.2, December 18, 2014
URL: download

Previous Stable Releases

Version: 1.6.1, July 24, 2014
URL: download

Version: 1.6, May 08, 2014
URL: download

Version: 1.5.1, 23.10.2013
URL: download
Documentation: Nodes and ComponentsOfficial DocumentationRelease Notes

Version: 1.5, 12.09.2013
URL: download
Documetation: Nodes and ComponentsOfficial DocumentationRelease Notes

Version: 1.4, 06.11.2012
URL: download
Documetation: Nodes and ComponentsOfficial DocumentationRelease Notes

Version: 1.3, 23.12.2011, aka. Touch me mobile
URL: download
Node Tree: Nodes and Components
Version: 1.2, (SVN revision: 1165), 20.06.2011, aka. The fast

URL: x3dom-v1.2.js / x3dom-v1.2.css / x3dom-v1.2.swf
Node Tree: Nodes and Components

Version: 1.1, (SVN revision: 688), 22.10.2010, aka. The beauty
URL: x3dom-v1.1.js / x3dom-v1.1.css
Node Tree: Nodes and Components

Version: 1.0, (SVN revision: 456), 25.03.2010, aka. The concept
URL: x3dom-v1.0.js / x3dom-v1.0.css
Node Tree: Nodes and Components


Work Plan and current Fallback-model

An implementation roadmap can be found as part of the online trac-system:

The general goal is to build a flexible intermediate evaluation system, which allows to evolve and test the integration model. An important aspect of the system is the support of different rendering and synchronization backends. Release 1.2 supports native Implementations (closed source right now), SAI-plugins. WebGL and Flash 11.

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