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X3DOM will be presented at TPAC 2009

31.10.2009 Uncategorized

The X3DOM system will be used to demo some of the results and state of discussion in the Web3D-HTML5 Workinggroup next week at TPAC  (W3C Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meetings Week).

Don Brutzman, John A. Stewart and Joe D. Williams will present the current progress of the working-group and will use X3DOM to showcase the new DOM based integration model during the HTML WG F2F meeting, Fri Nov 6, 9am-10am.

No support for DOMAttrModified in WebKit

30.10.2009 Uncategorized

We just discovered that WebKit does not support DOMAttrModified-Events which are part of the DOM Level 2 Event Model. We utilizes those events to monitor changes in DOM-elements and therefore attribute updates (like in the jQuery example) do not work in Safari and Google Chrome right now. It is even a known bug in the WebKit-bug tracker since 2006-04-04.

We are really shocked since our synchronize architecture depends on DOM Level 2 events and they work perfectly in Firefox and Opera for years.

The only workarounds we can think of right now would be really nasty and slow.

Webpage online


Just got the domain, server and the initial content up and running.