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SimScale: Browser-based Numerical Simulation

26.04.2013 Showcase

The scalable SimScale platform uses X3DOM as viewer frontend for visualizing the results of online numerical simulations on CAD data.

SimScale in action

Visual Configurator by T-Systems MMS

22.04.2013 Showcase Uncategorized

Yet another interesting industrial show case from Frank Lamack, T-Systems, Germany. Goal of this solution is to build a web 3d based environment for distributed teams to enable collaborative design reviews or co-browsing with customers for sales, configuration and consulting sessions – on one common 3d product model: Without any plug-in or additional software licences – simply via web. Upcoming features: dimensioning, annotation on parts or co-design-editor, to transform 3d-shapes.

Visual Configurator

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS) develops web-based solutions for large corporations and medium-sized enterprises. Around 1.000 employees serve customers from every sector, developing web innovations for services used in domestic and commercial digital contexts. This includes e-commerce, information management and knowledge management. The actual developing team develops visual configuration solutions, that use 3D construction data and product meta data in combination with rule-based configurations for immersive e-sales and e-commerce applications for web or mobile devices.

Online Model Converter

12.04.2013 Release Technical

Conversion Process

We have started a new project for online model conversion, which can be found on GitHub, too. It is an 3D model optimization and sharing service especially for the cultural heritage domain. The system is written in Python and allows optimization and conversion of 3D models for Web presentation and sharing these models on the Web. Its main features are:

  • Upload and conversion of 3D Models to X3DOM
  • Sharing of models on the web (permalinks to converted models)
  • Downloadable ZIP packages of converted models
  • Triangular Mesh optimization of models
  • Converted/Optimized models can be embedded in different templates
  • Asynchronous process
  • Server-Sent Events for fast status updates
  • Upload archives with many models and textures at once

This project was supported by V-Must, an EU-funded project that aims to provide the heritage sector with the tools and support to develop Virtual Museums that are educational, enjoyable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. The developed code is open-source and you can just grab it from GitHub, where you also find everything to get started.

Web Services for Industrial Production at HMI 2013

03.04.2013 Uncategorized

At this year’s Hannover Messe Fraunhofer IGD presents interactive web applications for the visualization of e.g. simulation results using X3DOM. The developed interactive methods for scientific visualization (see left image) allow the user to gain insights, interpretations, and knowledge quickly. More information can also be found here. You’ll find us at booth B10 of the Fraunhofer Allianz SIMULATION in hall 7 (Digital Factory).

HMI 2013