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AnthroGloss Human Body with two poses

30.03.2011 Showcase

Sandy Ressler, National Institute of Standards and Technology, created another showcase using the AthroGloss model with X3DOM.

Two Poses from CAESAR project, two bodies (same subject) in two poses that you can select, and can flip between the two, both with active selectable landmarks”

Find other examples and experiments on his website.

VMD exports x3dom natively

21.03.2011 Showcase

The open source Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) system provides now a native exporter in V1.9 for x3d and x3dom. John Stone just announced the new V1.9 which includes the X3D/X3DOM-specific code.

Visual Molecular Dynamics

Visual Molecular Dynamics

The release announcement page includes a link to a simple X3DOM example page John Stone (from VMD-team) made with a very small molecule

X3DOM supporting renderAnimationFrame()

14.03.2011 Uncategorized

With the latest development release of X3DOM we are utilizing requestAnimationFrame (here, and here) with browser that provide this feature. The developer versions of Chrome and Firefox (Chromium and Minefiled) already do so. With requestAnimationFrame, the scene is only redrawn when  it isvisible. Hence saving a considerable amount of CPU/GPU power when the browser window/tab is hidden.

Check your graphics driver version

10.03.2011 Uncategorized

There are some people who have issues with the latest Firefox and Chrome versions and x3dom. This could be a driver related problem.

Solar system demo update

01.03.2011 Showcase

Again improvements on one external show-case: Wolfram and Andreas worked on a new version of the solar system simulator. Now with cool camera-animation, wiki-pedia popup and slick UI.

solar system simulator

solar system simulator

Next step will be moons and more astroids data.