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vrml/x3d to x3dom online converter

20.01.2010 Uncategorized

The instantReality transcoder is an online tool to recode your X3D data. It can read classic (VRML style) and XML and can produce classic (VRML), X3D and now HTML and XHTML with embedded X3DOM code.

cultural heritage application


Another external showcase. The 3D-Coform Consortium uses X3DOM to visualize 3D reconstruction and scanning results.

3D-Coform data

3D-Coform data

Nice showcase which uses jquery-Lightboxes to popup the 3D-Viewer.

Animated WoW model, rendered with X3Dom

19.01.2010 Showcase

The wowmodelviewer includes now code to export static and animated X3D models.

WOW model rendered with X3DOM

WOW model rendered with X3DOM

You can even export directly to an XHTML/X3DOM page which includes the X3D model.

No direct content link but a nice video:

Solar System Simulation

18.01.2010 Showcase

External Showcase from Wolfram Kresse.

Solar System Simular

Solar System Simular

It’s a Solor System Simulation. Very nice. More feature coming soon.

Generic add/remove of nodes

14.01.2010 Uncategorized

We finally managed to add a generic handler, which works in all browsers, to monitor appends and removes of DOM nodes. This allows you to add/remove nodes via simple DOM commands. Example is online

Workaround for DOMAttrModified-bug in WebKit

07.01.2010 Uncategorized

Following the discussion on the WebKit forum it looks unlikely that the DOMAttrModified bug will be fixed soon. We implemented therefore a really ugly workaround (overwriting the setAttribute() method). Hopefully the WebKit peoply will come up with some better DOM-Mutation monitoring method soon.

However, thanks to this bugfix, the Dom Manipulator Example work now in WebKit and Chrome.

Support for XHTML and HTML5 encoding


We now support HTML and XHTML explicitly. There are two basic examples now: HTML without xml-namespace and lower-case and XHTML with xml-namespace and case sensitive node-names/elements.