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Merry Christmas – and a little IE11 related gift

23.12.2013 Uncategorized

The X3DOM team wishes you and your families Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!

Additionally, we are happy to report that there is now also basic X3DOM/ WebGL backend support for MS Internet Explorer 11, although its current WebGL/ GLSL version is only 0.92, why some more advanced features are still missing here.

Finally, we’d like to announce the upcoming Web3D 2014 conference on August, 8 – 10, in Vancouver, Canada, and hope to see you there.

BS Content Studio finally released with X3DOM support

17.12.2013 Uncategorized

Content Studio is a modelling tool designed around X3D and can directly export X3DOM content. Content Studio by Bitmanagement allows for easy and fast creation of 3D scenes and apps through an intuitive interface. With X3DOM support those scenes can be easily exported and deployed to a wide variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Content Studio Screenshot

You can download Content Studio here. Also have a look at the developer videos on the same site (scroll down).


New ‘turntable’ navigation mode in X3DOM

05.12.2013 Uncategorized

The current dev version includes now a new ‘turntable’ navigation mode.

Turntable example

The interface and implementation is not yet finalised but we tried to get this out as soon as possible since a large number of users asked for this navigation mode. Enjoy the example, which includes a compact description of the mode and parameters.