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ColorRGBA for conformance and MeshLab support

28.06.2010 Uncategorized

MeshLab is an excellent tool for manipulating mesh datasets and it is utilized in various application areas (e.g. Cultural heritage pipelines) today. It comes with a great X3D exporter which can handle texture, vertex/face-normal and vertex color. However, the tool creates always a ColorRGBA-node even so there is no alpha-data in the vertex color. Since ColorRGBA is in our proposed profile we added this node to better support MeshLab right now.

MeshLab output with ambient occlusion results in ColorRGBA

MeshLab output with ambient occlusion results in ColorRGBA

The example uses the ColorRGBA values to store the ambient occlusion values per vertex calculated in MeshLab

X3DOM goes mobile

17.06.2010 Uncategorized

Thomas was the first to discover the mobile webgl support on the N900 and Yvonne was brave enough to patch her phone with the latest firmware-upgrade which includes support for WebGL.

Dancing Dr. B on the N900

Dancing Dr. B on the N900

Not everything works (e.g. not the AR-Demo ) but at least some examples, including the dancing Dr. B, works on the phone. Even with animation and sound. Quite impressive! Now all we need is webgl support on iOS devices.

Interactive Paraview export

15.06.2010 Showcase

New example which uses an paraview-export in combination with html-events for picking. The actual method will change the next days but it shows already how this could work.

Screen shot 2010-06-15 at 16.06.55

More example and a simple tutorial for paraview-exports are coming very soon.