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X3DOM goes CeBIT 2011

28.02.2011 Uncategorized

We have an official spot at the Fraunhofer booth (Hall 9, booth B36) and demo the latest and feature! This includes multi-touch-events, native ios-brower with “declarative vision pipeline” in HTML and X3DOM running in Internet-Explorer utilizing the IR-plugin.

Come by to see some interesting demos, talk to the developers and chat about the idea, design and implementation issues you have. Look for the large L-shaped multi-touch table!

New 3D-Coform show-case

16.02.2011 Showcase

The 3D-Coform project just published another x3dom show-case. This one is again a model viewer which provides a improved 2D UI and displays the meta-information of every scanned data-set.

CIS/2 model displayed with X3DOM


Another interesting external showcase: The Engineering Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) used X3DOM to render a CIS/2 Model using X3DOM.

CIS/2 model with X3DOM

X3DOM GitHub mirror available

15.02.2011 Uncategorized

Good news for all people who prefer to work with a DCVS. We created a nightly updated mirror of our Subversion repository on GitHub.

We also would like to try the GitHub issue tracker, so feel free to report issues there.

Of course, we are open for pull requests.

Text node – support for WebFonts added

08.02.2011 Uncategorized

We started working on the implementation of Text nodes. Please have a look at the example demonstrating the current state of affairs. Testing, field reports, etc. are highly appreciated.

Final Chrome 9 release supports WebGL

07.02.2011 Uncategorized

No scary beta-channels and command line settings needed anymore! Just install (or auto-upgrade) version 9 of the Google Chrome to get an webgl-enabled browser.