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Common Surface Shader in x3dom

18.01.2011 Uncategorized

We now support some important parts of the Common Surface Shader. We finally added support for normal, specular and diffuse mapping. You can find a small example that shows normal and specular mapping in action here.

New online converter version

14.01.2011 Uncategorized

The online converter, from X3D and VRML to HTML and XHTML (with X3D), has been updated. The references to x3dom.js and x3dom.css use now the global release resource links and are both in the header of the document.

online converter

online converter

This update is also in the aopt offline tool which is part of the instantReality package.

New tutorial on CSS and the x3d element


Andreas wrote a new tutorial which shows how to style your 3D view with CSS.

Styling the x3d element with CSS

Styling the x3d element with CSS

This only works in the latest versions of the system. Therefore please use, as always, the preferred online resource path.

AnthroGloss Human Body reborn in x3dom

07.01.2011 Showcase

Another external and interesting show-case: Sandy Ressler, National Institute of Standards and Technology, did a nice X3DOM version of the AnthroGloss model.

AnthroGloss Human Body Landmark

Looks like somebody was waiting for the viewpoint stack and animation code 🙂