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WebGL support in IE on Win 8.1

28.06.2013 Uncategorized

It’s really true. Windows 8.1 / IE 11 supports WebGL out of the box. There are still some issues with x3dom but we are currently working on it. Stay tuned!

Windows 8.1

X3DOM Tutorials from Web3D Online

20.06.2013 Uncategorized

Both X3DOM tutorials from this morning’s tutorial session at Web3D 2013 are online:

X3D CAD Component Integrated

14.06.2013 Uncategorized

Thanks to Vincent Marchetti X3DOM now also supports most of the X3D CAD nodes as an optional component.

Web3D – VR here: Oculus Rift


At Web3D 2013 we will present X3DOM scenes using an Oculus Rift HMD with stereo and headtracking, which is supplied by the InstantIO server component via WebSockets. More information on the InstantReality page…

Distorted Stereo Rendering in X3DOM