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Use CSS to resize the X3D-element

30.11.2010 Uncategorized

We now support all CSS3/HTML length units for the x3d-element. You can use CSS to set and reset the widht/height property to resize the element. There is a small example that illustrates this functionality.

“Erdverbunden”: X3DOM featured in iX Magazine again

23.11.2010 Uncategorized

German iX Magazine’s December issue covers x3dom again.  This time with more practical information when working with transformations and interaction in declarative 3D web content. Again, both corresponding open-source projects, our x3dom and also xml3d are covered.

Application specific navigation

12.11.2010 Showcase

Another interesting external show-case which demonstrates how you can build any form of application-specific navigation. You, as application developer, can decide whether you allow no navigation at all, use some of the internal navigation modes or code your own way to map any user-input to any form of camera motion.

The shown auto-navigation scenario is also interesting for people which try to find the shortest way as quickly as possible in an unknown building. This is an important question for e.g. search and rescue teams.

Smooth camera animation added

05.11.2010 Uncategorized

Thanks to Yvonne and Marc we have now the same smooth camera animations as in instantReality. These animations are automatically generated if you bind the camera. This example allows you to switch between different viewpoints (cameras) which are part of the content.

The same method is used to calculate the animation-path if you reset the current view (key ‘r’) or move the current camera-view to the ‘show all’ position (key ‘a’).