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On-the-fly 3D Web App Delivery

06.03.2013 Uncategorized


At this year’s CeBIT Fraunhofer IGD presents solutions for 3D Internet applications like the instant3DHub. The system generates and delivers 3D Web apps on-the-fly, which are tailored for specific use cases and device classes incl. tablets or smart phones. This way, for instance engineers and technicians are able to inspect 3D CAD data etc. on the Web and even on site. Another example are interactive 3D product presentations for online shopping. This new technology builds upon existing standards and uses the InstantReality framework for backend services as well as X3DOM for visualization.


Basically, the instant3DHub is a service architecture consisting of an app service for providing device and use case specific templates, a transcoder service for converting and caching 3D applications and data from existing resources, and finally a vis service for presentation on the Web.