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X3DOM 1.8.2 Released

13.06.2021 Release

We are happy to announce the release of X3DOM 1.8.2! This release contains a handful of new features, improvements along with a number of bug fixes since the last release.
We would like to thank all users and, of course, all the contributors, that make X3DOM such a great project.
For a detailed list of changes see the changelog on Github.

New Features

  • New Exploration Modes.
  • Experimental support for X3D prototypes.
  • Added X3D 4.0 support for visible field, enhanced viewpoint options and Point Properties and cylinder/code options.
  • Automatic origChannelCount detection.
  • New NPM based build system.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Improved support for shadow & transparency on text.
  • Animation improvements for shapes and viewpoints and play controls.
  • Improved event and TouchSensor support.
  • Improved support for addition / removal of nodes from the tree.
  • Replaced deprecated MutationEvents with a MutationObserver.
  • Make it possible to run x3dom in strict mode.
  • Text node improvements.
  • More robust collisions in walk mode.


  • Remove support for compressed BinGeo files & Zlib.
  • Remove support for ImageGeometry.
  • Remove support for MultiPart.
  • Remove support for ExternalShape/ExternalGeo and glTF 1.0.
  • Remove support for loading single components.

Get It!

Grab the frozen 1.8.2 version here. The cutting-edge development version (nightly build of git head) can be found here.