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Product configuration with X3DOM

27.02.2012 Showcase

This external showcase demonstrates the use of X3DOM in product customization.  The company 3D Betrieb created this online 3D product configuration tool helping the user to visualize objects with different designs. It allows to preview the object with different appearances showing changes in colors, arrangement as well as viewing angle.

Call for papers: Dec3D2012 and Web3D2012

01.02.2012 Uncategorized

We are happy to announce two related scientific conferences, which are coming up and where members of the X3DOM team are directly involved as part of the organizing team: the Dec3D 2012 Workshop  in conjunction with WWW2012 in April located in Lyon, France, and the 17th International Web3D 2012 conference that is co-located with ACM Siggraph 2012 and held in Los Angeles, USA.

Both conferences include a ‘call for papers’ for related scientific material:

Please consider contributing a paper, if you use or extend X3DOM in some kind of scientific project or work on related topics (e.g., declarative 3D approaches or WebGL-based rendering).