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New Preview of BS Content Studio with X3DOM support

23.07.2013 Uncategorized

Bitmanagement software just released a new preview of BS Content Studio. The 3D authoring tool is focused on augmenting 3D geometries, which have been developed with the leading CAD-, GIS-, and Design Software programs, as well as other media content, with the possibility to interact, amendments like light and shadow effects, multi user feature and animation of motion sequences of objects and human beings.

And the best of all: the beta version allows you to directly export your created content to X3DOM scenes!


InstantReality and X3DOM at SIGGRAPH 2013

18.07.2013 Uncategorized

Join the dev-team of Instant Reality and X3DOM at the exhibition floor of SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim. We’re located in booth #233 and will show you the latest and greatest in X3D web-technology, fusing desktop and web environments to create streaming applications. We will also bring along new hardware toys which have been added to Instant Reality, as well as a demonstration of the latest progressive mesh compression technique we’re developing right now. See you there!s2013

X3DOM used for scientific geospatial 3D visualization


Researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (Moss Landing, CA, USA) are helping us to gain understanding of our oceans by analyzing different kinds of data, taken by robots under the sea. Thanks to X3DOM, measured data can now also be visualized in a 3D Web application – you can give it a try by yourself!

Click here for a brief explanation of the application.


VRMath 2.0: A Virtual Reality Learning Environment

07.07.2013 Showcase

VRMath 2.0 (VRMath2) is a Virtual Reality learning environment (VRLE) and an online learning community. It employs the powerful ideas of 3D Logo Microworld and Web 2.0 technologies for learning mathematics and was created by Andy Yeh, Australia.
In VRMath2, everyone can DesignCreate and Share their 3D virtual worlds. There are also design challenges you can take up and blog later right here in VRMath2 website.