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X3DOM documentation revisited

24.08.2011 Code Uncategorized

In our ongoing mission to improve quality of X3DOM our recent addition is an attempt in creating a more comprehensive documentation. The new developer documentation focuses on developers who want to create applications using X3DOM. It features introduction, step-by-step guides, reference material, and notes on various topics of interest.


The documentation is in its very early stages and is in constant flux. We hope to release a stable documentation with the 1.3 release. In the interim, just consider it work in progress.  In order to constantly improve it we need help from you. We are especially interested in the needs of developers, things like

  • what is your background (designer, web developer, etc.),
  • what info do you need,
  • which aspects should be emphasized,
  • which are less important,

would help us in improving it. Patches and corrections are also most welcome, as are bug reports.



Unit testing X3DOM

17.08.2011 Code Uncategorized

There is a new effort underway in order to improve code quality of X3DOM. In addition to the more casual functional tests, we started flesh out some  unit tests for portions of the library code. You can run the tests in your browser by visiting this link.

Test coverage is pretty low at the moment and we need help from the community to continuously improve that. Interested in getting involved with X3DOM? This is a very good opportunity to start. If tackling Unit tests seems too adventurous to you, no problem, the documentation needs some work as well.

In order to get involved, please contact us via the developers mailing list.

W3C Community Group Declarative 3D official launched


Today the W3C announced the Launch of Community Groups. We are proud to be co-founder of one of these groups. Our mission is to create a declarative standard for 3D content which will become a part of HTML. Feel free to join the ongoing discussion about how an integration of declarative 3D content should look like.

Update from CAE Prototypes for Volkswagen and CST

09.08.2011 Showcase

There is a major update of the prior posted CAE Prototype visualisation online. The new version supports now probing simulation results directly on the data set. This is a very nice showcase for application specific extensions in HTML 5 Events.

Have a look at the new version.



05.08.2011 Uncategorized

There will be two BOFs at Siggraph next week related to X3DOM. Both in Room 101:

“Web3D Consortium – Declarative 3D for the Web “, 9 Aug, 2:00-3:00
“X3D and HTML5/X3DOM”, 10 Aug, 3:15-4:30

Come by if you would like to talk to x3dom developer, see some new demos or even better: Show your own related stuff.

Siggraph 2011

04.08.2011 Uncategorized

Following up Michael’s and Jens’  Kinect-Experiment: Freezing like Han Solo earlier this year, we ported their Processing version to our instantreality platform.

Come meet us at Siggraph, booth #814, Vancouver, and get freezed through our demo and learn about the power of instantreality, X3D and X3DOM which livens every single triangle and all your 3D content in your browser — plugin-free.