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Geological model visualisation of a mine in Freiberg

18.10.2011 Showcase

There are some geological models visualized. Below the first point there is a real geologic model of a mine in Freiberg/ Germany. Everything is stored in a database and comes directly out of it.

PhD Positions/ Scholarships at Technical University of Darmstadt/ Germany

10.10.2011 Uncategorized


TU Darmstadt offers two scholarships in Visual Computing technologies. One position has a strong focus on declarative 3D in the web (esp. X3DOM and WebGL development) :

  • Declarative 3D in the Web – Efficient and flexible declaration and visualization of interactive 3D web content

The other one is more focused on the development of a software platform for Augmented and Mixed Reality applications:

  • Visual Computing Platforms – A “unified reality” platform for a direct coupling of image analysis and synthesis metaphors

More information can be found here:

These PhD positions at the TU Darmstadt will give the possibility to perform the PhD studies in close cooperation with Fraunhofer IGD, an internationally renowned research institute. The scholarships are initially limited to two years and can be complemented with an additional contract at Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt.

The Technical University of Darmstadt is an equal opportunity employer. Women are especially encouraged to apply. Handicapped applicants with comparable qualification will be given preferential treatment.

Flash 11 release leads to wide IE support

05.10.2011 Code

Flash 11 has been released. This opens the Internet Explorer for X3DOM through our flash render backend for a wide range of users, because you don’t have to deal with an “in development” flash player anymore.