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X3DOM 1.6 Released

08.05.2014 Uncategorized

The X3DOM team is proud and happy to announce stable release 1.6 of the X3DOM Library!

With version 1.6, we hope to make X3DOM more flexible, stable and well-documented.

These are the most important changes:

  • A completely new documentation portal, available via the link from and directly via
    • Extensive node API documentation resources, including detailed information about all nodes and fields
    • A lot of great, new tutorials, along with a brand-new “Getting Started” guide


  • A first version of the new x3dom examples portal, available at
    • All former examples from the x3dom repository can now be found at this central example page
    • A fresh re-design of the examples page will be available in the near future


  • Automated nightly testing suite for improved stability and qualitiy assurance, available at
    • Testing for Chrome and Firefox (Windows 8)
    • Regression test suite, based on script result evaluation and explicit screenshot comparisons
    • Automation and documentation (timeline) for testing process


  • New DOM field interface for more efficient field access, using getFieldValue / setFieldValue and requestFieldRef / releaseFieldRef (documentation available here)


  • New onoutputchange event, for easy handling of ROUTE output in JavaScript
    • can be installed on any node
    • tutorial available here


  • Gamma-correct lighting by default
    • Example and tutorial available here


  • A new TURNTABLE mode for more intuitive user interaction
    • Example and tutorial available here


  • First version of the pointingDeviceSensor component, including PlaneSensor, TouchSensor and CylinderSensor
    • Example and tutorial available here


  • First version of a new, long-lasting Shape Resource Container and ExternalGeometry node
    • documentation of progress available here
    • will be enriched with new features for compression and streaming during development of X3DOM 2.0
    • will replace ImageGeometry, BinaryGeometry and POPGeometry in X3DOM 2.0



  • We have continued our efforts to support IE 11, rendering X3DOM content with WebGL.
    While there are still some issues, some of them caused by non-IE conformant HTML pages in general (also including some of our examples), X3DOM’s IE 11 support is constantly improving.


  • A lot of enhancements and bugfixes – here are some important ones:
    • Improved conformance of shading model – if your scene appears over-bright, please check if your lightsources contain intensity values greater than 1: this is not X3D-conformant and should not be necessary with the current version
    • updates of volume rendering component, including composable styles
    • support for Geolocation node as a transform, geosystem UTM/GC support
    • fixed texture clamp/repeat
    • added lit field for geometries, to individually exclude nodes from lighting
    • fixed AudioClip automatic playback
    • fixed TimeSensor looping bug
    • and more – for a detailed list, see the RELEASENOTES.rst file inside the X3DOM repository