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Shadow Meadow in X3DOM

29.05.2011 Showcase

Well, this is something totally different. Most certainly one of the x3dom use cases which are everything else but a simple 3D model viewer. Michael Zöllner has build this beautiful shadow meadow simulator which can be used to place some real ikea lamps.

Dijon in 3D using X3DOM

18.05.2011 Showcase

Another external showcase of X3DOM in action. This one provides a virtual tour through parts of the city of Dijon.

There’s also a blog (in French) describing the process and technology used.

X3DMMS: Another SciVis tool using X3DOM

13.05.2011 Broken Showcase

Fabiana Zollo pointed us to another interesting x3dom showcase: X3DMMS, an X3DOM tool for Matter and Molecular Science Simulations.

There are some issues with the current picking method but besides this it looks like a very interesting application.