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Khronos presents glTF 1.0

20.10.2015 Uncategorized

The Khronos Group, an open consortium of leading hardware and software companies, just announced that the glTF™ 1.0 (GL Transmission Format ) royalty-free specification for transmission and loading of 3D content has been finalized for Ratification and is immediately available for use by tools and application vendors.


With SRC, X3DOM already provides support for a modified subset of an earlier version of glTF™. The proposed extensions KHR_binary_glTF and WEB3D_quantized_attributes have been actively developed by X3DOM contributors, bridging the gap between Khronos’ and the Web3D consortium’s standards. The X3DOM team will be happy to continue this fruitful collaboration in the future, creating a well-specified, commonly accepted exchange format for efficient transportation of 3D assets on the Web.

See the official Khronos press release here. The GitHub project can be found here.


Edit: The German IT portal just mentioned glTF in a small online article (in German) – you can find it here.

Component Editor Live Demo Online

12.10.2015 Showcase

The x3dom component editor is a project hosted on GitHub, providing a simple 3D editor made with HTML, JavaScript and X3DOM.


Now, the current state can also be tried out as a live demo on the X3DOM examples portal – check it out here!