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X3DOM documentation revisited

24.08.2011 Code Uncategorized

In our ongoing mission to improve quality of X3DOM our recent addition is an attempt in creating a more comprehensive documentation. The new developer documentation focuses on developers who want to create applications using X3DOM. It features introduction, step-by-step guides, reference material, and notes on various topics of interest.


The documentation is in its very early stages and is in constant flux. We hope to release a stable documentation with the 1.3 release. In the interim, just consider it work in progress.  In order to constantly improve it we need help from you. We are especially interested in the needs of developers, things like

  • what is your background (designer, web developer, etc.),
  • what info do you need,
  • which aspects should be emphasized,
  • which are less important,

would help us in improving it. Patches and corrections are also most welcome, as are bug reports.