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Visual Configurator by T-Systems MMS

22.04.2013 Showcase Uncategorized

Yet another interesting industrial show case from Frank Lamack, T-Systems, Germany. Goal of this solution is to build a web 3d based environment for distributed teams to enable collaborative design reviews or co-browsing with customers for sales, configuration and consulting sessions – on one common 3d product model: Without any plug-in or additional software licences – simply via web. Upcoming features: dimensioning, annotation on parts or co-design-editor, to transform 3d-shapes.

Visual Configurator

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS) develops web-based solutions for large corporations and medium-sized enterprises. Around 1.000 employees serve customers from every sector, developing web innovations for services used in domestic and commercial digital contexts. This includes e-commerce, information management and knowledge management. The actual developing team develops visual configuration solutions, that use 3D construction data and product meta data in combination with rule-based configurations for immersive e-sales and e-commerce applications for web or mobile devices.