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DIEL: multi-user e-lerning system with x3dom

05.08.2010 Broken Showcase

We meet Francesco Di Cerbo, from the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy,  last week at the Web3D-conference in LA. He presented in his talk a new e-lerning system called  DIEL which uses x3dom.

DIEL e-learning interface

user-interface for the DIEL e-learning system

DIEL is an extension to an e-learning platform that provides new paradigms of user interactivity and data representation in a web-based real-time environment. DIEL aims at creating a dynamic and interaction-friendly graphical interface for learning communities.

The system uses a client server architecture, where the client side is based on a HTML5/X3DOM, and the server side is implemented as a standalone PHP application, embedded into the open source course management system Moodle.

Combining X3DOM and AJAX patterns, it is possible to obtain a live graphical representation of a virtual environment, where users can interact with each other or with available resources. A server-push mechanism (using Orbited) has been used to synchronize the different clients. The user can even upload their avatars and other resources as standard X3D datasets.