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Internet Explore 8 support

22.07.2010 Uncategorized

Following our own Fallback-model we support now Internet Explore 8 in x3dom. This setup utilizes not WebGL for rendering but needs a installed X3D-SAI plugin.

instantReality-Plugin used as x3dom backend

instantReality-Plugin used as x3dom backend

We use a modified  version of the SAI-importDocument-service to import the DOM-data and this is only available in the plugin version of InstantReality right now. You have to install and register the daily-build version.

Not everything works yet and you have to install an extra ActiveX-Plugin. On the other hand you get the high-performance C++-implementation which supports all X3D-profiles and some extra feature: Like Raytracing your data in realtime.

We will demo this version during siggraph next week at the Web3D booth (1024). Come by to see the whole setup running.