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WebGL and X3DOM most common platforms in 3D Web research

02.09.2012 Uncategorized

This year’s Web3D conference, which was held in cooperation with ACM Siggraph,┬áhas shown that the most common development platforms in 3D Web research are of course WebGL and – most interestingly ­čÖé – X3DOM. Please check out the whole technical┬áprogram if you like to learn more. A few impressions showing the conference’s opening session (top photo) as well as a panel session (bottom) can be seen below.

The Web3D 2012 organizing team

The Web3D 2012 conference’s organizing team. From left to right: general chair Christophe Mouton (EDF, France), program chair (and X3DOM core developer) Yvonne Jung (Fraunhofer IGD, Germany), general chair Jorge Posada (Vicomtech, Spain), and program chair Marcio Cabral (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Panel Session

Panel Session: 3D and the Web. Sitting in front, from left to right: Don Brutzman (NPS), Samuel Parfouru (EDF), Neil Trevett (Khronos Group and NVidia), Kenneth Russell (Google and WebGL Working Group Chair), Marius Preda (MPEG ARAF), Johannes Behr (Fraunhofer IGD), and Alain Chesnais (TrendSpottr and former President ACM), who chaired the panel).