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X3DOM 1.5.1 Released

23.10.2013 Release

This month, X3DOM celebrates its 4th anniversary!
As a little “present”, we are proud to announce a 1.5.1 release of X3DOM. This release mainly contains fixes and corrections since the last 1.5 release. It is a maintenance update and recommended for all 1.5 users.

Most notable are the fixed bind behavior for transformed Viewpoint nodes, Viewfrustum matrix corrections, basic multi-touch support for other navigation types than examine, two new navigation modes, a beta version of DepthMode, BlendMode and ColorMaskMode, better normal map support in CommonSurfaceShader (if the “OES_standard_derivatives” extension is available), and last but not least support for 32-bit indices given that the new “OES_element_index_uint” extension is available. For a detailed list of changes please also refer to the CHANGELOG file.

Grab the frozen 1.5.1 version here. The cutting-edge development version (nightly build of git head) can be found here.