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X3DOM 1.8.1 Released

27.09.2019 Release

X3DOM 1.8.1
We are happy to announce our new X3DOM 1.8.1 Release. This release mainly contains fixes and corrections since the last 1.8.0 release. We would like to thank all users and, of course, all the contributors, that make X3DOM such a great project.

Fixes, Improvements, Changes

  • TextureCoordinateGenerator COORD mode
  • Re-enable x3dom-log text selection.
  • Fix for Debug-Log: ‘v’-key does not display ‘fieldOfView’.
  • Background fixes
  • enable Nurbs texCoord field
  • various example fixes
  • more robust shader parsing
  • allow queued ComposedShader url loading
  • ComposedShader fixes for VR
  • PixelTexture parsing

Get It!

Grab the frozen 1.8.1 version here. The cutting-edge development version (nightly build of git head) can be found here.