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X3DOM runtime API

12.04.2011 Uncategorized

The X3D spec includes the SAI (Scene access interface ) API to manipulate the scene during runtime. X3DOM uses the DOM for this purpose. However, we need a small API to access runtime properties which are not reflected through the DOM-structure. Therefore we have started to create an runtime API for X3DOM. Such an API would allow the developer to access and modify various runtime dependent parameters of the 3D scene and the renderer. For example: resetting views, cycling cameras or changing navigation modes. We are pleased to annouce that a first revision of this API is now available in the latest development version of X3DOM.

You will find examples of API functionality in action here:

Developer API documentation can be found at: (we are still improving this, so give us some slack on that front).

Be aware that this API might change until the next stable release of X3DOM. If you are hotlinking the development version from this sever, please track the commit logs of the source repository for changes that might break your code.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy experimenting with the new API functionality and we are very appreciative of any feedback you might have.