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X3DOM + AR Reloaded

October 15th, 2013

Augmented Reality

Three years ago, we did a first experiment with the Flash-based marker tracker FLARToolKit together with WebGL/X3DOM. However, at that time browsers did not yet provide an API to access the camera. Now, with the new WebRTC MediaStream API and a marker tracker implementation in JavaScript via JSARToolKit, we built a new version of that old AR demo, but this time without Flash or any other plugin to access the video stream. Try out the Augmented Reality demo here…

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  1. […] Die Damen und Herren vom IGD haben eine AR Demo auf Basis der WebRTC MediaStream API (zum Empfang der Kamerabilder), der Javascript Bibliothek JSARToolkit (zum Markertracking) und WebGL/X3DOM gebaut. Ohne Flash. Cool. Quelle: x3dom Blog […]

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