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1.0 Release

25.03.2010 Release

First stable release of the framework.

All initially planned features are implemented:

  • HTML / XHTML Support
  • Monitoring of DOM element add/remove and attribute change
  • JS-Scenegraph synchronizer
  • ROUTEs
  • DEF/USE support
  • External Subtree (via X3D Inline)
  • Image (Texture), Movie (Texture) and Sound (Emitter) support
  • Navigation: Examine
  • WebGL Render backend

The proposed HTML profile is partially implemented:

Nodes and Components

The fallback-model is also only partially implemented:

x3dom fallback model

Next release (v1.1) will focus on the following topics:

  • WebSG (Web Scene-graph, minimal GLSL-shader based profile)
  • CSS updates
  • Bindable stack and camera animation
  • Navigation: Walk, Fly and Examine
  • More Lights/Light-Types