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1.1 Release

22.10.2010 Release

Second stable release after almost 7 month.


Most features from the 1.1. milestone are implemented:

WebGL compatibility

Recently there have been several changes in the WebGL-API (e.g. interface changes in texImage2D() method, replacement of old WebGL array types with the new TypedArray specification, enforcement of precision modifiers in shader code, and changed behavior of NPOT textures). This leads to incompatibilities with previous versions, why the 1.0 X3DOM release does no longer work together with recent browser versions.

HTML Profile

The proposed HTML profile is almost implemented:

Nodes and Components

Fallback model

The fallback-model has changed a bit. We partially support X3D-SAI plugins now and removed O3D as technology.

Next Release

Next release (V1.2) will focus on faster and better basic picking and collision methods to get more HTML-Events and the missing navigation modes (FLY, WALK, LOOKAT).